How to Have Better Sex – The #1 Key to Better Sex

How to Have Better Sex

*”The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. Results may vary”

Science doesn’t lie when it comes to most things and sex is no exception.

And it’s been proven there’s really 1 huge key to better sex. And it’s actually easier than you might think.

If you’re looking for how to have better sex, you have to give. That means give her what she wants.

It’s the simplest, most effective and easiest way to have better sex. It’s a simple concept most men fail miserably at and then wonder why she’s not ready to jump in the sack and have some fun as much as you are.

We’re Naturally Selfish When it Comes to Sex

How to Have Better Sex

Most men want to have great sex for themselves but this often leaves your woman unsatisfied and if she’s regularly unsatisfied with your performance, why is she going to want to engage in sex?

Treat sex like the most important area you can give and you’ll be amazed at how the favor is returned big time.

Don’t be selfish in bed, don’t rush through as fast as possible and finish no matter where she’s at. If she’s not pleasured, you’re failing to have the best sex possible and it will hurt you in the long run.

How to Have Better Sex by Giving

Vasoplexx to Please Her

There are a couple things you can do to give in to her wants, desires and needs. Some she’ll tell you she wants, others she wants but won’t say anything to get it. So just try these things to give her what she wants and you’ll be having better sex in no time, and better sex for her also means more sex for you.

1 – Tell her she looks great and tastes amazing

Women with more confidence about the appearance of their vagina, breasts and butt are more open to trying new things and are more likely to orgasm because the way they feel relaxed.

Whether you’re going down on her or not, tell her it’s your favorite thing to do to her. Going down on you may just become her favorite thing, and of course that’s always going to be great for better sex.

2 – Take the Time to Listen to What She Wants

While women won’t always feel comfortable telling you everything they want, it’s important to listen when she does. If you’re listening and performing the way she likes it, you bet she’s going to take the time to give you what you like. It’s an investment worth making every time.

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3 – Ask Her What She Wants

Women can be a little shy when it comes to the things she wants in the bedroom, even if it’s your wife. Make her feel comfortable by asking her what she wants.

You don’t have to be in the middle of sex, or even just about to get going, to ask her. Ask her while you’re in the car, on a walk or at dinner. Just asking may be enough to put her in the mood to give you better sex.

4 – Get Physical

Most women love physical touch and a massage, with oils is even better, releases a powerful sex hormone called oxytocin that definitely ignites her sex drive. She’ll feel seductive and sexy and more open to a more passionate time in bed.

5 – Tease Her

You know there’s something great about a woman who teases you before she pleases you. The same goes for her.

Take your time undressing, take your time with penetration and tease her more. The process will turn her on like crazy. She’ll enjoy the prolonged neurological effects and be more open to having a more pleasurable orgasm.

6 – Set the Mood

It seems cheesy to most guys because we rarely care about lightening, music and the environment. Well, she does care and to give, you should make sure she’s aroused with the right mood.

Turn down the lights and turn on the music to help her feel more relaxed. Studies have shown women who don’t feel relaxed don’t enjoy sex as much.

7 – Find the Position

Find a position she loves and make sure you give her what she wants. Whether it’s the reverse cowgirl, where she’s on top and facing away, or something else, find out what stimulates her the best.

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It’s Simple: Give to Have Better Sex

We often hear about women who pass on sex regularly and view it as a chore. In those cases men just can’t have the best sex possible either. But if you really try to please her and she’s satisfied and wanting more, you’ll have better sex and have more sex.

It’s just one simple thing, but giving her what she wants is absolutely the best way for how to have better sex.

*”The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors. Results may vary”